"Does She... Or Doesn't She?"


"Does She... Or Doesn't She?"


Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath Campaign


This advertisement for Clairol hair dye features a mother and child in an embrace, both with content expressions on their faces. The mother is young, and her hair is a robust brunette hue that matches her young child's hair color perfectly. Just like other advertisements from the campaign, the matching of the models' hair color plays on the desirability of looking youthful as a woman, and makes hair dying an attractive option for women looking to take make their appearance a part of their abilities and responsibilities as a good wife and mother. The campaign represents an important moment in advertising for several reasons, the first of which being that it is part of a burgeoning trend among ad agencies to use women copywriters to market products specifically targeted towards women. It also reflects important cultural aspects of the 1950s, especially the delineation of gender roles and the emphasis on a woman's role in the home.


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Jillian Katterhagen




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