Organizational Positions on Title IX


Organizational Positions on Title IX


The changes already occurring during this time period combined with the general mood of revolution and disruption of social norms facilitated a great deal more discussion of these sensitive issues. One change that fostered discussion was the implementation of Title IX, an Education Amendment that dealt with various aspects of the educational process and sex discrimination within education (Fishel 1976). This amendment brought gender issues in education to light for anyone who hadn’t already started questioning the current system. As we can see in the analysis of opinions on Title IX done by Andrew Fishel, various groups had strikingly different reactions to the amendment. Student groups proved to be the most supportive of Title IX while college and university administrators seemed to be the least supportive. This finding reinforces the idea that change in coeducation ultimately came from student activists and the student movement.


Andrew Fishel


The Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 47, No. 1


Ohio State University Press


January-February 1976


Positions of Title IX.pdf


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