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This newspaper article was written by Harriet Van Horne, a woman who did not attend the Miss America protests, but strongly disagreed with them and their message. It was published in the New York Post a few days after the protests. She put down the…

In the good humor and spirit of Robin Morgan's Miss America protests, these songs, which go along to the tunes of songs popular at the time, were to be sung during the protests. They critique the marketing of women's bodies by the Miss America…

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The Freedom Trashcan is perhaps the most famous aspect of the Miss America protests. Feminists threw pieces of patriarchal oppression into the trashcan, thus liberating themselves from male oppression. These items included fake eyelashes, high…

Sisterhood is Powerful is one of the important books that kickstarted the second wave feminism movement. Robin Morgan edited the book for release in 1970. On the front is the symbol for feminism, also designed by Morgan. This book brought forth…

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This picture is a picture Margaret Gorman, who was crowned the first winner of the "Inter-City Beauty Contest" and was given a golden mermaid trophy because she was "the most beautiful girl in America." These two separate yet related events were…

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This report details findings by a committee in the early 70s about the possibility of coeducation at Washington and Lee. Included are cost projections, projected staffing changes, and two different models of introducing coeducation.

coeducation I.pdf
Portions of interviews with the seven female students who studied at W&L during 1970, while it was still a male only school.
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