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19801981 W+L Survey Summary (from beyond bowties).pdf
Despite the strong opposition to coeducation, these survey results show that opinions on the matter were slowly changing to become more in favor of admitting women. By the time this study was taken, the majority of students and faculty at least…

All-Male-COlleges drop to two (from beyond bowties).pdf
This newspaper article, which seems to have been published right after Washington and Lee's decision to admit women, highlights the opposition to the change felt within the student body. Even though the Board of Trustees voted to go ahead with the…

Women at W&L (from beyond bowties).jpg
In this photo, men protested coeducation by wearing shirts stating, "Women at W&L: The Beginning of an Error".

Harvard Graduation Photo.jpg
Men and women celebrating graduation together from the previously coeducational institution.

Coeducation and Women's Studies (Primary source).pdf
Although coeducation was big concern during the 1960s and ‘70s, some colleges had already been operating as coeducational institutions for a long time. For example, Oberlin had been a coeducational institution since the 1830s. However, these…

Coeducation begins photo.jpg
A group of students protesting in support of coeducation.

coeducation II.pdf
This report details findings by a committee in the early 70s about the possibility of coeducation at Washington and Lee. Included are cost projections, projected staffing changes, and two different models of introducing coeducation.

coeducation I.pdf
Portions of interviews with the seven female students who studied at W&L during 1970, while it was still a male only school.
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