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This Ring-tum Phi article details one student's opinion on the benefits of coeducation at Washington and Lee.

On April 21, 1975, Associate Dean Robert W. McAhren created a report of faculty opinion on coeducation at Washington and Lee (at the request of the administration). This report outlines faculty opinions on the subject and gives direct quotes on their…

Huntley Study Results correct.pdf
This document summarizes the results of a study done on the effects that coeducation would have on various aspects of academics and student life at Washington and Lee. It is clear how detailed and thorough the study on coeducation was. This…

Co-Education Trustee Meeting.pdf
This document is an overview of a meeting of the Trustee Co-education Study Committee in which the attendees discussed the issue of co-education, how they would address the discussion, and the action they would immediately take. The Committee…
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