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This poster shows not only that men recognize that women can work but also that the US population teamed up and worked together to win the war. The war was a "good war" because the American people did their part together.

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Here this woman is enjoying her new dishwasher.

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Although coeducation was big concern during the 1960s and ‘70s, some colleges had already been operating as coeducational institutions for a long time. For example, Oberlin had been a coeducational institution since the 1830s. However, these early…

Peggy Olson, secretary-turned-copywriter on AMC's TV drama Mad Men, stands a unique example of a woman making her way in a male-dominated advertising industry.

In this particular ad from the "Does She... Or Doesn't She?" Clairol campaign, a single woman is pictured with natural-looking blonde hair under the signature campaign headline. She is grinning and holding a book, with glamorous sunglasses and red…

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This advertisement for Clairol hair dye features a mother and child in an embrace, both with content expressions on their faces. The mother is young, and her hair is a robust brunette hue that matches her young child's hair color perfectly. Just like…
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