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Photograph of Harvard Square riots in 1970 in which "some 3,000 demonstrators, protesting the war in Southeast Asia, marched on the Square, leaving “cars wrecked, trash bins on fire, windows smashed.” Harvard itself, he said, like campuses across the…

Photograph of University of North Carolina Students carrying an empty coffin following the Kent State tragedy. “May 1970 - Students march down Franklin Street carrying empty coffins following the Kent State tragedy,”

Article from the Harvard Crimson that describes the effort at Harvard to secure the delay of examinations in order to allow students to "engage in constructive political action" against President Nixon's Indochina policy."

Faculty Decision.pdf
The Faculty Executive Committee's response to student demands including a copy of the student resolution and partial sample of the "W&L Free University Forum". In the face of an overwhelming student resolution and national wave of student strikes,…

Letter From UNC President About Senator Stone.pdf
This carbon copy of the letter from University of North Carolina President William Friday to State Senator William F. Stone responded to Senator Stone's letter to President Nixon on student unrest in May 1970. The letter, including personal note to…

Student Letter to Senator Stone.pdf
Student Homer Gamble's letter to Republican State Senator William F. Stone justifies attempts to explain and promote Washington and Lee's actions concerning the student unrest and demonstrations in May of 1970. Gamble expressed support the…
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