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News reel of the Bay of Pigs invasion. Includes the US denial of involvement of the attack and Castro's vehement rhetoric concerning the attack. The video was published on April 19, 1961. The assault by this point had totally failed, though the…

Adviser and speechwriter Richard Goodwin urges Kennedy to appoint the Attorney General (Robert F. Kennedy) to command an operation to undermine and remove Fidel Castro from power. The memorandum shows the secrecy that prevaded the Kennedy…

The Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 was passed in response to the NFL's inability to cooperatively sell the TV rights of the league as a whole because of anti-trust laws. The act exempted the NFL (and other professional sports leagues) from the…

kennedy cigar bay of pigs.gif
Bay of Pigs invasion blows up in JFK's face, as satarized by a Cuban cigar blowing up in his face.
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