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Harvard Graduation Photo.jpg
Men and women celebrating graduation together from the previously coeducational institution.

Photograph of Harvard Square riots in 1970 in which "some 3,000 demonstrators, protesting the war in Southeast Asia, marched on the Square, leaving “cars wrecked, trash bins on fire, windows smashed.” Harvard itself, he said, like campuses across the…

Article from the Harvard Crimson that describes the plans of an anti-war coalition group formed at Harvard to travel to the Nation's capitol to protest the Vietnam war. The group included both students and faculty and arranged transportation to…

This Harvard Crimson article entitled "Guard Kills 4 at Kent; Strike Sweeps Nation" about the Kent State shooting and resulting student unrest across the country both provides a narrative of the events of Kent State and student reaction and how it…

Article from the Harvard Crimson that describes the effort at Harvard to secure the delay of examinations in order to allow students to "engage in constructive political action" against President Nixon's Indochina policy."
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