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A charter given by the state of North Carolina to the Trustees of the Union Institute Academy this later became Duke University. The charter describes the rights given to Union. The Academy was treated as a person before the law. The statement at…

The North Carolina Central University for Negroes basketball team faced an all-white basketball team from Duke Medical School in secret in 1944. After meeting at the Durham YMCA for clandestine prayer meetings, they planned a game for Sunday, March 2…

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Unlike at Vanderbilt, Duke realized that it would be much more harmful to actually expel a student arrested protesting segregation laws. Duke reinstated Chestnutt. Two other girls Lucin Brunn and Joan Davis were also arrested. Duke informed there…

Lonnie Chestnutt a black student at Duke was arrested participating in the sit-in movement. Dean Robet Cox told Chestnut that he will not be able to remain at the University because he was arrested. Chestnutt was supposed to be a housemaster next…

A letter to the president of Duke who was upset that Duke was not punishing the faculty members who were protesting segregation. The letter was not from an alumnus. Rather a southerner who felt that Duke was betraying the south. The letter says…

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CORE leaders were trying to negotiate the desegregation of three Durham restaurants. Mayor Wense Grabarack had not set up the committee to facilitate the desegregation of the restaurants.

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Four students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical state University started the movement. Their names were David Richmond, Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., and Joseph McNeil. The movement quickly spread to Nashville and Durham.
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