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The seminar focused on understanding some of the forces that have caused changes in racial attitudes across the nation. The first meeting met at Leyburn Library to discuss the Kerner Commission Report and was open to all Washington and Lee and Sweet…

Marketing and advertising became very successful business sectors during the 1950s. Americans were now exposed to a new entertainment medium that became lucrative for businesses and advertisements became a major source of revenue. Advertisements…

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In 1966, Wilson released “Good Vibrations,” which is one of their most famous songs. This helped Wilson’s reputation to recover. “Good Vibrations” is a psychedelic rock song and it became the lead song of the counterculture movement. This…

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This poster shows not only that men recognize that women can work but also that the US population teamed up and worked together to win the war. The war was a "good war" because the American people did their part together.

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"I Love Lucy" is an American television situation comedy (or sitcom) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley. Lucy is portrayed as a naïve housewife, and is often getting herself and her husband into trouble. The…

“I Paid My Income Tax Today” is a popular song, written by Irving Berlin, and performed by a number of popular artists including Danny Kaye, Gene Autry and the Dick Robertson Orchestra. The song, written in 1942, was commissioned by the U.S.…

"I Want to Hold Your Hand" was first recorded in the United Kingdom in 1963, but released in the US in 1964. It was a hit! The Beatles are responsible for the "British Invasion." This song seemed to have no hidden meaning.

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This Ring-tum Phi article details one student's opinion on the benefits of coeducation at Washington and Lee.

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Washington and Lee University students in the Forensic Union debated whether or not to have a student-financed fund to provide scholarships for black students. The scholarships would encourage qualified minority students to apply and attend the…
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