Dr. Spock Knows Best: The Childcare Revolution

Prior to the late 1940’s, childcare advice was very rigid. Parents were told to follow strict feeding times, and events such as toilet training were pinpointed down to very precise start dates. However, in 1946, a man by the name Dr. Benjamin Spock changed the childcare world forever. Dr. Spock released a manual on infant and childcare, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, which has been rivaled only by the Bible in number of copies sold. This manual has since been updated nine times, resulting in nine separate editions. 

Dr. Spock's advice manual is the only source of parenting advice which has dominated the field for so long, which makes it an invaluable tool in studying the formation and development of the accepted parenting ideas that exist today. Throughout the late twentieth century,  the parenting advice revolution sparked by this childcare guru was greatly influenced by a changing America, and can be clearly documented through published literature from this time.


Elyssa Kleinwaks